Christian Stroble Stylist - sucks!! don't ever use them

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To start off has no phone number to contact a real human when you have a ? or a problem, you can only speak to them via email. I canceled my hosting with after I had found freud on bank accounts. I changed my banking info on there site to pay a recent bill to Was not an hour after that someone hacked into my bank accounts and started spending.

So naturally I decided to cancel my account with them. But before I did that I made sure my new site and new host was already to go on there end. Then come to find out that has a grace period of 5 days after you cancel your account to send over your domain name and codes to my new hosting site.

So now my site is down for the next 5 days, which is costing me time and money..

I really suggests not using ever..

I hope you take my advice..



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I'm having similar help and their replies are BS to say the least. :(

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We can't really help with a non-specific complaint from an anonymous poster.


Have you ask for the cancellation with them?If not, the hosting provider basically will automatically charge your credit card.

I also use and they have told us too.

If you have asked for cancellation and they still charge you, that's called fraud.But, if you just cancel your account without obey their cancellation policy, it is not fully discountasp mistake, but it is your mistake too.


This is pretty rough, considering that we assisted Stroble in tracking down the source of his bank problems (someone in Columbia, not us). We didn't have to help with that, but we did. Even after he had canceled his account with us.

What he seems to be upset about in the ticket we have here is the time that it takes to transfer a domain name between registrars - something we have no control over.

Had he asked us before canceling his account, we would have gladly explained how to move the site and the domain with zero downtime. It just takes a little planning, but it's not difficult. Unfortunately, he closed out the account without asking any questions, so he wasn't prepared for the move.

Sorry Christian, we would have been glad to help had we been given the chance.

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